【CREAM】 Special Interview
日本語 / English
The latest CREAM, Andre edition, has released! Just as always, it gives us surprising and exciting experience more than a magazine.. The editor- in- chief of CREAM, Irene Leung told us about their creation in our e-mail interview.

1. How do you come up with the idea of theme or design for an issue?

The idea of theme is often decided according to my personal preference. It could be a fashion brand that I like, an artist whom I find inspiring, or a particular topic which I feel fascinated about. I always believe that when you have to explore a theme, you need to put your whole mind into it, or else the contents won’t be interesting. Once the theme is decided, we will then discuss what kind of book design style will suit best for that particular theme.

2. How do you develop your idea into real shape? How do you share the making process with your team? (design, select of contributors..etc)

When I decide on the theme, there is often a vague shape which I imagine at the same time. So when I have meetings with my editors and designers, I will share my thoughts with them. We then discuss on the possibility of realizing my imagination, and they will also add some new ideas. The sparkle of our brainstorming will become the book in the end.

3. How do you find creators to be contributed? What is the point you care about choosing contributors?

We often choose the artists according to their style, whether they will be suitable for that particular theme or not. We usually contact them through emails, strangers or friends. What we care most is that the chosen contributors can offer their unique view of the theme through the interpretation of their artwork.

4. Every issue has been presented in unique format. What do you think is important in designing the magazine? Is there any restriction in the design, even if you put by yourself?

It is important for the book design to be in harmony with the theme. It needs to speak for and with the topic at the same time. When you can create a new design format for each individual issue, there seems to be no restriction. It will become very risky because you may lose yourself by designing for design’s sake. At this point you will need to draw some basic boundaries for yourself.

5. What do you think is good points for quarterly magazine, and also what is bad, compared to monthly magazine or any other media?

Quarterly magazine allows more time for developing a creative idea, especially when we target to have unique format for each issue. Monthly magazine can never achieve that. On the other hand, quarterly magazine bears a greater cost in production and it could create financial burden when the market is too conservative with experimental book format.

6. What would you like to share with readers of your magazine?

We hope the readers can treat the experience of reading CREAM as a happy adventure. It is most important that they can get inspired, because we believe creativity is what makes life wonderful. We hope every time when they pick up a copy of CREAM, they will feel like keeping it as a treasure.

7. Please tell us some favorite issues. (Please tell us the reason, too)

This is a very difficult question, because every one of them is precious to me! If I must choose, I will say right now I feel most satisfied with the latest Andre edition. It is a very rare chance when we could put in so much time and effort in understanding the artist’s works before we present our vision of him through the book. And the whole packaging idea fits very perfectly with the playful and fun characteristic of this artist.

8. What do you think about local art and culture scene in Hong Kong lately? How would you like to involve with it?

I think the local art and culture scene here often operates in a scattered scale. Once in a while you will find someone organizing some small exhibitions, but the impact is not great enough to make the general public notice its power.
Apart from being the Editor-In-Chief of CREAM Magazine, I also work as the organizer of COMME des GARCONS Guerrilla Store+852. In last August we have held an exhibition at the store on behalf of CREAM. It allowed people to shop and see art at the same time. I am hoping to do this more often.

9. At last, do you have any plan you want to do in the magazine in the future? Please let us know a little about next issue.

For the next issue, we may try to make a pop-up book based on a fun fairy tale theme. The budget could be high and there may be many technical problems to deal with, but I hope we can work this out.